Sunday, January 19, 2014

Horray for (Grainline Maritime) shorts!

Until a few weeks ago (yes, I'm behind in my blogging)   I had one lonely pair of shorts. faded khaki ones that were too big. Yet shorts are so practical for my lifestyle.  I ride my bike everywhere and am always pottering about in the garden. WHY DID I NOT HAVE MORE SHORTS?

So I made shorts,  two pairs in fact,  from the same pattern - Maritime shorts by Grainline studio.

I had so much fun making my  Silver denim Moss mini that I thought that the Maritime pattern would be a good bet and I wasn't wrong.  The clear instructions and tutorial made everything nice and straightforward - even inserting the zip fly .  I still have no idea how it works, it just seems to appear out of nowhere.  Sewing magic.

The first pair is made from some op-shopped denim with a little bit of stretch. I cut the same size as my Moss (4) and had the same fitting issue: gaping back waistband and a bit too big at the sides.  Did I think of making an alteration to the pattern piece before hand? Or course not.  But because the waistband has a centre seam this was pretty easy to fix, I just took the excess out of the CB and the sides and then removed the same amount from the waistband and interfacing pieces.    I did think about adding length - these shorts are shorty short short- but in the end decided to embrace the pattern.  Plus it's a good incentive to keep doing those leg exercises.

I was so excited that  I had actually made shorts that I wore these on a trip down to Gippsland before the hook and eye had been sewn on.  BUT our car broke down on the way back and we had to leave it in Moe and catch the train home, leaving my shorts in the car in the process*.   Grrr.

 * I did have something else to wear on my bottom half. 

Yes, both shorts pictures were taken at the same time but  I thought you might appreciate a slightly different view of the garden.

But now that I had discovered the wonders of these shorts I couldn't be apart from a pair for too long so I did what any sensible seamstress would do; I  made another pair!  This time in a polka dot cotton sateen bought from Spotlight many moons ago.  My Mum might recognise it actually as I think she was with me at the time. It's softer than the denim but has a bit of stretch too.   I left off the back pockets this time so they came together pretty quickly.

Here are the innards.  Nice and neat looking, although I completely  forgot to finish the inner pocket seam on the polka dot pair, and I put the nice lining  fabric on the other pair the wrong way round. Oops, never mind.

I'm not sure I'm done with this pattern yet and am  tempted to make a crazy printed pair for Jungle January (I have the perfect op-shopped curtain...). Could I be addicted to shorts?


  1. those are great shorts! Shall have to check out the pattern, have been working hard on my pins lately. Also, I am totally perving on your garden, mine is just not happening well this year! It's great to see a gorgeous abundant garden. :) Sarah

  2. Very cute:) crazy printed op-shopped curtain for the win ;)

  3. Cute shorts! I love shorts too but have only just started making them. It's funny how so,e times our sewing doesn't actually reflect what we wear day to day. You look fantastic in these! I'd be making 10 more pairs if I were you. You can never have too many shorts :)

  4. Hey there Lovely, these are great I love em.

  5. I am always on a quest to make the perfect pair of shorts every summer, sadly my legs aren't as good as your so I can't rock the short shorts like you are!

  6. Great shorts, and great to hear how much you're enjoying wearing them. This pattern is so nice to so and wear, it's a great find, hey!

  7. Great shorts. I'm about to make these too so the fact you made 2 pairs so fast makes me feel more confident to make these while it's summer :)

  8. Love these! I've been so tempted by this pattern but am not sure if my legs are worthy! I'd love to see a jungle version :)

  9. Niice :) Love your work Helen, as usual!