Saturday, January 11, 2014

Five favourite garden things

Oh little garden.  You have been sorely neglected on this blog recently, which is a shame because you are doing so well, despite the lack of rain.  Not sure what the upcoming heatwave will do.  We'll just have to cover you up and hope for the best.

Pumpkin patch

Corn and radishes

First ripe tomatoes (late this year)

Sunflowers: always so cheery in the garden

Developing passionfuit I love it when they appear from the flowers.
 What's looking good in your garden right now?


  1. Your garden is looking wonderfully productive - and I am so jealous of your ripe tomatoes! Mine are just beginning to lighten, hopefully the hot spell will ripen then and not cook them, or I'll be looking up the family's green chutney recipe ;) Ours is a little slow as well, although the strawberries taste as sweet as jam and garlic is drying, the zucchinis' are starting to flower as they climb over their arch and the rhubarb, celery and herbs are flourishing. oh, and we are waiting, mildly impatiently, for the stone fruit to finish ripening ;)

  2. Your garden is looking good. Mine of course looks like a pile of mud or snow depending on how cold it has been. Right now we are weirdly warm, so everything is muddy. Yuck.