Monday, January 27, 2014

Drape Drape or how to make a dress with only one pattern piece

Quite happy that I actually managed to sew something at social sewing
It's true folks, this dress is made from a single pattern piece (not including the arm and neck bindings). Of course most of you will already know that because the Drape Drape books came out AGES ago and there are lots of super versions of this dress already out there in blog land but for some reason I was never tempted by them.  Maybe I thought the patterns would be too complicated?

But then Nic came to social sewing wearing a groovy, grunge-inspired dress-as-top and I was hooked.  And she let me try it on and she'd brought the Drape Drape books with her.  Not to mention that Mindy (social sewing regular but blogless) had generously left a pile of free fabrics for us to rifle through including a drapey cotton knit with a groovy irregular stripe and a kind of 70's vibe. The planets aligned.  All other sewing projects were abandoned and  two hours later I was wearing this dress  from Drape Drape 2.  It's kind of short in these pics but it the hem has dropped a bit since which looks better.

This pattern is super easy, just two seams and the arm and neck bindings to sew. Talk about a quick sewing fix!  In fact when I got home I immediately cut out another one (I cut the size M/L)  in some stripy drapey op-shop rayon (?) and sewed it up the next day - the only difference was adding a bit of length.  I stabilised the shoulder seams with some clear elastic on the sewing machine and  then sewed the whole thing on my over-locker. Vrooom!



I haven't hemmed this one yet and advice on Twitter is not to go too short, so I'm thinking maybe an inch off?  I like how the stripes work on the drapey side and the chevron thing happening at the other side.  And did I mention how comfortable it is? I'm usually into more fitted things but on a 39C day like tomorrow this dress is going to rock.

Talking of Twitter, I found out on this important sewing grapevine that Sewbusylizzy had the same thought process and may shortly be modelling a similar stripey version of this dress, although undoubtedly in a much more glamorous location than a veggie patch :) Can't wait to see your version Liz!

Nic generously lent me all three copies of her books so I need to trace some more patterns, stat! I'm thinking the asymmetrical top in DD2 and what else?  Suggestions anyone?



  1. Social Sewing is the best! I love that there's a mini DrapeDrape revival going on & I'm in the midst of it - so many cool designs to go!!!! ;)

  2. They turned out great! Love how the direction of the stripes works out on version 2.0 :)

  3. Heyyy, one pattern piece, awesome!! And, the outcome looks so pretty and very complicated as well, with the, well, yes...draping! I like the stripes, it really shows off the shape of the garment.