Sunday, May 19, 2013

MMM '13, Days 12-18

I was finding it a bit more difficult  to find me-made items every day without too many repeats but it it did make me wear a few items that I don't usually reach for and I did manage to exceed my target of four, so that's good. 

Day 12, Sunday (Mothers day). Nothing me -made today and no photo, although all items came from the op-shop. Actually does it count that I was wearing the blue lace Laurel at 1am on Sunday morning?! We were at a party...

Day 13, Monday. At home with a sick LittleFB (he's better now).
Scarf - Made from .25m of Lotta Jansdotter fabric, some leftover linen and backed with velvet from an op-shop curtain!
Jumper, stripey top, jeans: op-shop

Apologies for the dark, fuzzy inside picture..

Day 14, Tuesday. Back at work.

Dress: Cynthia Rowley 2406 in op-shop fabric. I never wear this dress but I like the print and thought I'd give it another try during MMM. After wearing it all day, I know remembered why I don't like it. The fabric is some yucky polyester and it doesn't feel nice to wear; all static and hot. The pockets make it feel kind of lumpy and the facing keeps flipping out. It's going to the op-shop!
Boots: from NZ

Day 15, Wednesday. Work day.
Dress: Simplicity 3835
Top, tights: Cotton on
Boots: as before
Necklace: op-shop

I've worn this dress heaps.  It's comfy, easy to layer up and good to wear with tights and boots (yes Mum, boots again!).  MMSTL calls these my smurf tights!

Day 16, Thursday. Work day (lots of meetings)
Dress:  Corporate Cambie
Jacket: op-shop
Necklace: op-shop

Hmmm two grey dresses in a row this week.   And a new location: our front porch. Not sure what that plastic crocodile is doing there.

Day 17, Friday. At home. Gardening, bit of sewing.
Top: Green Briar (not yet blogged) and striped top, Cotton on.
Jeans: op-shop

Look, I made a Briar! This version was mainly to test the fit so it's made from some mystery green op shop jersey and my twin stitching is a bit wobbly.  I wasn't sure about the high-low thing on me but I do kind of like it - good for layering.  It's clinging a bit at the front when wearing over the stripey top but the back is good.  Maybe I'll add a bit of length at the front for a future version.  

Day 18, Saturday. Social sewing, hanging out with LittleFB

Dress: Simplicity 3835 in donated stretch-linen and pleated pockets from some Internet tutorial. (unblogged)
Tights: Susaan
Boots: Campers.

I don't actually wear this dress all that often but I'm glad that I pulled it out of the wardrobe. It's comfy and fun with the tights, even though the sleeve ties make it a bit difficult to fit a cardigan over the top.

So, there we go.  Over half way through and going well!


  1. I know this post is about your outfits (and they're pretty darn awesome), but I just had to comment about the amazing crocheted rug you've got! I think I'm in love - wherever did you get it?

  2. Hey Christine, thanks for visiting (and your other comments!) The crochet rug was made by friend's grandmother I believe. It's huge and really brightens up our front porch!