Saturday, February 9, 2013


Sewing and gardening come together again.

I finished the rainbow baby quilt. It's pretty similar to the last one I made except that the rainbows all run the in the same direction. I had intended on the same layout as before but I had a couple of directional prints which would have looked a bit funny upside down.  The fabric is a mix of recycled (the chevron is an op-shopped pillowcase) and new and it is quilted in unequal straight lines - I just eyeballed distances so the lines are not completely straight but I actually like how this looks. Plus, there is no taping and measuring involved. 

There was just enough elephant fabric left to do the binding. I like the way they march round the outside. It's all done my machine this time (for speed) The back is plain - this had to be a quick project so that I can give it to her today!

And there is a rainbow of colour in the garden too..

Japanese eggplant, lettuce gone to seed, basil, zucchini flower, pumpkin, gardener's delight tomatoes


  1. Hi there, new follower:)
    Love the quilt, looks great:)

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