Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winter veggies

We are pretty lucky here in Melbourne to be able  to grow veggies all year round. Come with me on this sunny winter day on a little tour of the garden to see what's growing...

The new garden beds - broad beans wong bok and celery in the foreground, peas in the middle left, lettuce and silverbeet in the middle right and roots and onions/shallots in the back. The nets are to stop "bird herbicide" (sounds nasty!).

Broad beans

Brassicas- cauliflowers, broccoli and cavalo nero, and some nasturtiums and calendula. 



  1. That's so great that you can grow all year round. We only get 6 good months for the growing season.

  2. Oooops I missed this post in my jetlagged haze. It is so wonderful that we can grow year round, and luckier still that most of those are greens. Most of my friends who are growing broad beans have or are having bumper years with them so hope you will too!

  3. Your are fortunate to be able to grow all year long.

    I've enjoyed the little wander through your garden.

  4. meensync - I know, we are very lucky. I lived in Maine, USA for 2 years and there was snow on the ground for about 5 months!!

    prue - welcome back! I've planted some crimson flowered beans this year so they should look pretty.

    mc - Thanks!